The Grievance Committee is tasked with considering and working to remedy workers' grievances. The Grievance Committee processes grievances arising from the violation of our contract, state or federal law, or an abuse of past practice.

Chairperson: Anthony Gallo

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Committee is key to a local association’s success in moving school districts to act when the well-being of staff and students is at risk. They empower members to advocate for everyone when a single voice goes unnoticed. 

Chairperson: Grace McCloskey


The Legislative Action Team (LAT)  communicates legislative and political information to elected and appointed decision makers and to other LDEA members. They advocate for public education and organize members to take action when needed. The LAT works as our Policy development committee.

Chairperson: Steven Nahill


The Membership Committee provides membership packets for new staff members, reconciles monthly member dues, maintains and distributes accurate member information, and ensures the District complies with the requirements of the WDEA.

Chairperson: Gabby Hazlett


The primary role of the Negotiations Team is to improve the working conditions and economic security of our members through the negotiation of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract).  The Negotiations Team also works with the Grievance Committee to support the terms and conditions of our contract.

Chairperson: Steven Nahill


PRIDE in Public Education is a campaign that shares the successes of New Jersey’s public schools while building community support and involvement. Our PRIDE committee increases community awareness of the great things happening in our schools.

Chairperson: Grace McCloskey


The Sunshine Committee works to acknowledge the life-changing events of members including the birth or adoption of a child, death of immediate family members, illness requiring an overnight stay in the hospital, and retirement. Each building has a representative to contact regarding these events.

Chairperson: Audrey Johnson